Did you know that particulate matter is much higher indoors than outdoors and even the World Health Organization (WHO) clearly indicates this? The fact is that many environmental influences have lasting damage to our health, do not let us sleep and we actually do not even notice them because we cannot see, hear or smell them directly.

The good thing is that you can easily do a few things to stay healthy and vital.
NIZE has set itself the task of explaining precisely this and developed the NIZE.Technology with which you have already helped hundreds of people to get a better attitude towards life.

In the webinar offered here, the company founders show you what you simply do
in your everyday life and how NIZE.Technology can support you.

STAY INFORMED: Due to the current situation around the “Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2”, we are currently only organizing NIZE.WEBINARS. These will be held for you in German and English. As usual, you can find all dates below.